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12 December 2020

Session 3: Chaired by JL JIAO & SL GOEI

15:00-15:40 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 1 (Keynote): Building more Scientific,
Happy & Effective Learning Environment by
Game Based Learning & Learning Sciences.
Prof Junjie SHANG, Peking University,

15:40-16:20 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 2 (Keynote): Bringing Science to
life through a Fairy Tale.
Prof Eleni MANGINA,
University College Dublin,

16:20-16:50 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 3 (Invited): STEAM Education Approach
and Technological Innovations to Foster
Creativities in STEM Teaching and Learning
Prof. Zsolt LAVICZA, Linz School of Education,
Johannes Kepler University, Austria

16:50-17:00 SG TIME

17:00-17:20 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 4: AR-enabled collaborative learning:
Situated Learning with Digital and
Non-digital Resources.
Prof Yun WEN, National Institute of
Education, Singapore

17:20-17:40 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 5: VR Technology-Enhanced Learning
of Electromagnetic Induction.
Mr. Weng Seng TAN,
Raffles Institution, Singapore

17:40-18:00 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 6: Enhancing Learning using AR in the
Biology Classroom on the Cardiac Cycle.
Mr. Daniel CHUA Wei Sheong,
Raffles Institution, Singapore

18:00-18:30 SG TIME

Session 4: Chaired by W van JOOLINGEN & Y CAI

18:30-19:10 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 7 (Keynote): The Role of Physical
Place in Hybrid and Mixed Reality
Prof Jim SLOTTA, University of Toronto,

19:10-19:40 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 8: Games vs Learning from Computer
7 (Keynote): Learning from Simulation.
Prof. dr. ir. Sebastiaan MEIJER,
KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

19:40-20:10 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 9 (Invited): Simulation
Technology-enhanced Learning in Holland.
Prof Wouter van JOOLINGEN,
Utrecht University,
The Netherlands

20:10-20:20 SG TIME

20:20-20:40 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 10: AR for Behavior Change.
Prof Sui Lin GOEI, VU Amsterdam
and Windesheim Univ. of Applied Sciences,
The Netherlands

20:40-21:00 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 11: Digital and Physical Mathematical
Modelling in Elementary Schools.
Mr Ben HAAS, Johannes Kepler University
Linz, Austria

21:00-21:20 SG TIME (GMT +8)
Talk 12: VARTEL Flipped Classroom
@ The Hive,
Yiyu CAI et al, Nanyang Technological
University, Singapore

21:20-21:30 SG TIME Closing Remark

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